Making CBC adaquate on Discord

Hello! If you are here, you likely saw an link in discord and were either confused or curious. Welcome!

What Is This?

xCBC is a middle-man service meant for use on Discord. Currently, CBC's User-Agent whitelisting is lacking the one Discord uses for it's metatag scraping, which in turn causes the link preview to fail.

The sole purpose of this service is to let Discord have CBC link previews while being as minimally invasive as possible.

How Do I Use This?

All you have to do is append the letter x on any link you want to share via discord. Note, this only works with the links to the top-level cbc domain, Gem isn't within the scope of this project.

As well, this tool is unneeded on other platforms like Twitter.

Why Are You Doing This?

I saw a issue and I took action to fix it. I did attempt to rely the information to CBC's tech team but that seems to have gone nowhere.

I did a write-up about it on my personal site, if you'd like to read.

I Bet You Are Collecting All Our Data!

A reasonable suspicion for sure, and next to impossible to prove otherwise in a way that's able to truly satisfy everyone that comes across this service.

For all my word is worth, I do no logging. I don't even use analytics on my personal projects.

In short, I have no idea who you are, and in 99% of cases, I am happy to keep it that way.